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          Building hoist (lift) SC200/200

          2014-08-06 00:24

          Port: Qingdao
          Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces this model of Building hoist is widely used
          Supply Ability: 20 Piece/Pieces per Month we can design the building hoist for your requirment
          Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

          Quick Details

          • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
          • Brand Name: Ylongli
          • Model Number: SC200/200
          • Rated Loading Capacity(kg): 2000kg/cage
          • Hoisting Speed: 34.4m/min
          • Max Lifting Height: 150m

          Packaging & Delivery

          Packaging Details: Container transport
          Delivery Detail: 15days(Can be changeable to the customer's requirements)


          1. You can choose Frequency construction or normal hoist
          2. Max. Lifting heihgt is 150m
          3. Loading capacity is 2X2000 kg

          1. Product Description


          Our SC200 single cage construction hoist is easy and convenient to operate,and it has the advantages of stable lifting and braking and low noises.


          There is a speed limiter for every cage, and when its descent speed reaches 1.2m/s, this limiter can stop the cage from moving. A sensitive and reliable overload protection device is fitted in this two cage construction elevator, and overload happens, this device will automatically cut off the electricity to ensure the operation safety.


          The main components include cage, operator's cab, transmission mechanism, speed limiter, guiding track frame, bottom cage, tie-in, boom, electrical system, and security system.


          2.Packing and Shipping of SC200 Single Cage Construction Hoist:
          Special wooden case packaging is used for transmission mechanism, speed limiting mechanism and small accessories, and the other big components should employ banding and nude packaging.

          In the mainland of China, our products can be transported by bulk cargo or container truck,for  exported products ,container truck transport would be employed before they transported by sea.


          3.Technical Parameters of  SC200/200 Construction Hoist: 






          4.Production   workshop   show




          pany  show


          6.  ISO9001      certificate

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